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Bella Rose: Guardian of Nature

I am Bella Rose, the Guardian of Nature. I am a shy & friendly nature lover. I love role playing, and I believe in Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun. My non-roleplaying blog: rainbow-shoelaces.tumblr.com



Though he will never ask for it out loud, there are times when even Hiccup needs a hug. 

…And Jack, weeellll he’s there to give him just that.


Thanks to the cool people that made it to the livestream. mega-points for yalls. duck had a really sappy description for this piece, but it was chalk fulls of too much romance so i didn’t include it: “Hiccup has lost track of time. He thought it was Taco Tuesday, but it was actually Wednesday. So Jack promised theyd make home made taco with the main ingredient being…. love.” <— best fic